The Founders, CV and Contact Details

GTS Foundation
Hemringe 12, 74382 Bälinge-Uppsala

+4672 2103402




Org Nr: 802426-7646

Kjell Dahlström

Architect -71, PhD -78 , researcher at LTH 71-85 on mobility and planning, Party Secretary 85-99, municipal/council in Lund 82-87, in Stockholm 91-96, MP 88-91; Director General of Rikstrafiken (National Public Transport Agency) 99-04, SIKA (Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis) 04-09, and in the Ministry of Enterprise -09; vice president in World Society for Ekistics WSE (Science of Human Settlements) 07-13. Chairman and Contact for the GTS Foundation 10-.
Contact tel. +4672-210 34 02;

Jan-Erik Nowacki

MSc -72, researcher at Studsvik 71-81, design and development manager AGA Thermia 81-85, Nowab own business since -85, researcher at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology - Applied Thermodynamics) since -95, Licentiate of Engineering -98, teacher of thermodynamics; CEO of SwedeTrack System, which in various ways has promoted the PRT concept, 91-06.
Contact tel. +4670-743 62 21;
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